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With a young and innovative staff, VALFEN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING FOREIGN TRADE INC was established in Turkey to give you the best service in the installation sector. With its expert engineer staff; production, dealership and the distributorship with Turkey's and the world’s foremost brands and we serve our precious customers without compromising on quality.  

VALFEN INDUSTRIAL , which stands out with the production of RMS-A, RMS-B and RMS-C stations , also aims particularly to have a construction that makes a difference with its pre-sales and after-sales services by taking the dealerships of very strong brands in the sector. It has adopted the standard of providing the most perfect and fastest service to the requested products. We will be happy to see you in our family… 


We aim to be a dependable supplier partner company aiming at sustainable commercial success in the sector, working to create ordinary importance and considering client pleasure as the greatest value.

  •                             Sincere, transparent and decent,

  •                             Polite to people,

  •                             Ecofriendly,

  •                             Creative and pioneering,

  •                             Employee and client oriented,

  •                             We care about teamwork.



To be a reliable company that adds value to our clients and offers quality products at the desired time and under the most favorable conditions.


Your industrial solution partner ...

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